SELNET was founded in 2013. It is a Ghanaian owned company. We are expanding our partnership and expertise in the networking niche. There is a constant need for excellence with top-notch solutions and advancements. We do not fall short in delivering such standards. Our target market spans through all facets of the socio-economic environs such as financial, technical, education, entertainment, government, to mention but a few.

SELNET offers a variety of solutions client-tailored for different industry facets ranging from strategy and policy consulting to design, implementation and testing of network resilience and efficiency. Out team is replete with network experts who ensure customers have access to the most optimal specialist counsel and prudent services in the market.


SELNET seeks to provide optimally networked communities with innovative technological expertise and apt contrivances. Our prime aim is to ensure that societies have adequate information wherever they are for the purposes of socio-economic growth and understanding. As information becomes more and more ubiquitous, security and privacy becomes even more profound. We will ensure that confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information acquisition and knowledge transfer amongst societies are preserved.


SELNET will ensure that top drawer security solutions are implemented across societies as affordable as possible. Security and information integrity are a priority to us. Optimized networks are wrought with reference to our customers’ needs and expectations.

Services for our clients are executed in highly innovative procedures making the most of effective timelines and prudent resource management.

Why Selnet?

Our slogan says it all…think again. We never relent in seeking out optimal solutions for our clients bearing in mind industry best practices, affordability and apt technology. We are diligent and determined in providing value for our clients. Information communication technology has come to stay and is the heart of any successful venture. For this reason, we ensure our clients get connected wherever for information acquisition and knowledge sharing without compromising confidentiality or integrity

We are honest in our dealings and provide our clients with viable options in problem solving. We respect our clients time, rights and resources.

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